Find just the right pony or miniature bit for your little pal.

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Kelly Silver Star Barrel Dee Ring snaffle by JTI. Stainless steel. Mouth sizes: 4.5" [1], 4.75" [..
Kelly Silver Star bit from JT International This pony Billy Allen reining bit is an effective sta..
Kelly Silver Star Braided Leather Nose Hackamore from JTI Features a braided leather nose band an..
Kelly Silver Star Breaking Snaffle Bit from JT International This pony breaking bit features stainle..
Kelly Silver Star Chrome Plated Tom Thumb Bit From JTI A great breaking snaffle bit. Malleable..
Kelly Silver Star Copper Mouth Breaking Bit from JTI. This stainless steel Tom Thumb Snaffle pony..
Kelly Silver Star Eggbutt Snaffle Bit from JT International This miniature/pony/ horse eggbutt sn..
Kelly Silver Star Full Cheek Snaffle Bit from JTI This full cheek snaffle has a stainless st..
Kelly Silver Star Hackamore w/ Rubber Tubing by JT International This stainless steel pony hackam..
From JT International. Kelly Silver star Eggbutt Stainless Steel Snaffle bit.  ..
Reinsman Miniature Loose Ring Pony Snaffle Bit ⅜” Smooth Copper Snaffle 3 ½” Mouth, 1 1/4..
Kelly Silver Star Mini Offset Dee bit in Antique Brown with Dots from JT International. From the ..
Mini Half cheek Driving Bit by JTI. Stainless steel driving bit. Sizes:  3 1/2" [3], 3 3/4"[..
Kelly Silver Star Miniature or Pony Full Cheek Snaffle bit Mini or Pony Full Cheek Snaffle S..
Kelly Silver Star Miniature Snaffle Bit from JT International Mini Loose Ring Snaffle Stainless s..