Grazing Muzzles.  A selection of muzzles from miniature, pony, horse and large horse will allow easy keepers to have the benefits of pasture and exercise, but restrict the amount of pasture they can consume during turn out.

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Tough 1 Poly/nylon web muzzle attachment by JTI for controlling over eating by limiting intake ..
Easy Breathe Poly/Nylon Grazing Muzzle from JT International helps control over eating. Poly/nylo..
Tough-1 Poly/Nylon Grazing Muzzle w/ Halter from JTI Poly/Nylon web halter/muzzle all-in-one comb..
Centaur Texturized neoprene lining inside the muzzle for comfort, and slats for breathability. ..
Tough-1 Deluxe Mini Nylon Muzzle from JTI Nylon halter with heavy mesh muzzle. Adjustable at thre..
Cashel Grazing Muzzle Halter. Overweight horses can enjoy the pasture and get exercise without ov..