Halters & Leads

Halters, lead ropes, nylon web, halters. Choose from a large selection of nylon and leather halters, lead ropes and lunging equipment. Choose the style you prefer in the color of your choice. Rope halters are excellent training tools. Several are available with and without lead ropes.

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Clinician Halter by Professionals Choice Designed by professionals, this custom-made halter featu..
Ozark Horse Adjustable Nylon halter. 1" Double ply stiched nylon. Adjustable chin, throatlat..
Ozark large draft halter.  1'' Doubled and Stitched Nylon with Triple Stitched Crown and Che..
Ozark Nylon web halters, 1" triple ply poly halter with brass plated hardware, stamped buckles ..
Tough-1 Miniature Nylon Break-Away Halter. Look no further, the perfect classically styled nylon ..
Ozark Rope Halter 3/8'' Braided nylon diamond rope halter with 5/8'' lead rope from Ozark. Washab..
Nylon Rope Halter from Ozark. 1/4'' Braided nylon diamond rope halter with 5/8'' lead rope. Washa..
Ozark Poly Lead ropes Solid colored poly lead rope measures 5/8" x 9' and comes with a ..
Ozark Premium Nylon Halter. 1" Double Ply Halter with PVC Padding on the Nose, Crown and Cheeks with..
1" Double ply stiched nylon halters from Ozark. Tripled stiched crown and premium brass hardware. ..
PREMIUM NYLON HALTER WITH SOUTHWEST OVERLAY from Ozark 1'' Doubled and Stitched Nylon, Tripled an..
Ozark hand braided white cotton lead rope with nickel plated bull snap measures 1'' x 10 A lead r..
Classic Equine 14' Premium Lead Rope with leather popper from Equibrand Double braid poly..
Classic Equine Premium Lead Rope Marine rope lead with leather popper Double braid poly..
Professional’s Choice Beaded Rope Halters This rope halter features intricate beadwork on the nos..