Whips, Bats, Quirts, Over-Unders

Whips and crops serve as a gentle reminder to the horse about what it should or should not do during training or a competition event. A whip is used as an extension of your arm or leg for training purposes allowing you to keep a safe distance from a newly gentled horse on the ground or maintain momentum in the saddle. Make sure you look your very best for the judges with elegant, show arena-ready style riding crops and dressage whips. Riding crops are also used as aids to assist in the training of horses. Over and Under quirts and whips are commonly used for the barrel racer to help motivate the horse to faster speeds.

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Reinsman Sharon Camarillo Quirt - from Reinsman This high quality saddle quirt was designed by Sh..
Ozark Braided leather bull whip with swivel handle. Available in 6', 8', 10' and 12' lengths. An ..
Ozark Leather barrel 28" Crop. Braided leather riding crop in assorted brown colors. The crop or ..
Ozark Leather Over & Under. Premium leather over and under with hand sewn stitching. Over and un..
Martha Josey Over & Under from Ozark. 60'' Multi-Color Nylon Rope with Popper. The over/..
Ozark Nylon 29" Quirt. Nylon braided over rope core, wrist loop, leather popper. The quirt has a ..
Ozark Replacement Whip Poppers. Approximately 12" long. Replace those missing and broke whip popp..
Ozark Riding Whip, 30" with molded handle and Wrist loop with braided popper ..
Sharon Camarillo Over-Under - 54" from Reinsman A sure fire way to "chase" your horse forward in ..
Professional's Choice Training Stick This lightweight training stick is the perfect tool for all ..
Training Stick from Ozark is a 48" Fiberglass training Whip with 5' Nylon braided string with L..
Ozark 60" Waxed Over & Under.  The over/ under is used to keep your horse moving or incr..