Myler Shank

Shank bits are typically referred to as curb bits and use a type of lever called a shank to multiply the pressure the rider puts on the reins. More pressure is applied with a longer shank. In addition to creating pressure on the horse’s bars, tongue, and roof of the mouth, a horse will also feel pressure on the poll and chin groove.

The goal of Myler Bits is to make your horse as comfortable in the mouth as possible. One simple step towards the goal is to make sure you have the correct size bitMost Myler mouthpieces are 7/16" thick, a thickness that allows the bit to fit comfortably in the horse’s mouth. In most cases the Myler cheek pieces are made of stainless steel and the mouth piece is sweet iron with copper inlay that is designed to oxidize. The oxidation causes the mouthpiece to discolor or rust, and releases a sweet taste to the horse that encourages salivation and has a calming effect to the horse. Myler bits are available in all stages of the horses experience from Myler's comfort curved mouthpieces, to bits with varying degrees of tongue relief or tongue pressure. Correctional ports are also calming. Many of the mouthpieces feature ISM, independent side movement when the rein is cued.

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