Snaffle Bits

Find the exact snaffle bit that you are looking for to communicate effectively with your horse or pony. We carry Ring snaffle bits, tom thumb snaffles, training bits, full cheek styles. Snaffle bits use a bit ring at the mouthpiece, not the mouthpiece itself, to apply pressure on the bars, tongue, and corner of the mouth. When used properly, a snaffle is considered a gentler bit. Shanks on a bit intensify the pressure the rider creates by pulling the reins. Types of snaffle bits include D ring, Loose Ring, Full Cheek. Snaffle bits apply direct pressure from the reins with no increased leverage as seen with shank bits. The Egg Butt design is a relative of the snaffle bit family, the only difference being that they have a solid joint located between the rings and bits to keep the rings from rotating and pinching the horse’s mouth.
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