Make sure your western horse bits stay in place and provide the necessary leverage with curb straps and bit guards.Whether you use a chain, flat link chain or a strap, make sure you adjust them according to the bit you are using. Curb straps are available in several leather colors and styles. Whether you are looking for skirting leather, harness leather, in russet or chocolate, you are to be sure to find it here.

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Latigo Leather Curb Strap from Martin Saddlery and Classic Equine. Latigo leather, stainle..
Latigo Leather Flat Chain Curb Strap from Martin Saddlery and Classic Equine. Latigo leather wi..
Leather Bit Hobble w/ /Rawhide Loops from Martin Saddlery and Classic Equine. Latigo leather. ..
Schultz Bros. Leather Curb Straps. We make these single buckle curb straps in 4 different leather..
Ozark Nylon 5/8" Curb w/ single or Interlocking Chain.  Available in a variety of colors. ..
Passport Pelham Converter by Passport A leather strap that converts a Pelham bit from a two-rein ..
Schultz Bros Round Center Leather Curbs. Double buckle leather curb straps have rounded center an..
Schultz Bros Show Curbs with Silver. Stainless steel flat chain with leather ends accented with h..
Toklat Stainless Steel Heavy English Double Link Curb Chain ..
Ozark Twisted Chain Nylon Curb Strap 5/8". The curb chain applies pressure to the curb ..
Ozark Curb,  Harness leather 5/8" buckle ends. The curb chain applies pressure to the c..
Myler "J" Hooks. Stainless Steel "J" Hooks (1 pair) for Dees with Hooks, Kimberwicks or Pelhams ..
Myler 7 1/2" Synthetic Curb Strap. 7.5" Adjustable Synthetic Curb Strap - 1/2" Wide - Made of Matte ..
Myler Leather Curb Strap. 7.5" Adjustable Leather Curb Strap - 1/2" Wide (Works with Combination Bit..
Myler Leather Noseband from Toklat. Adjustable Leather Noseband (Works with Neil Merrill Gags) ..