Make sure your western horse bits stay in place and provide the necessary leverage with curb straps and bit guards.Whether you use a chain, flat link chain or a strap, make sure you adjust them according to the bit you are using. Curb straps are available in several leather colors and styles. Whether you are looking for skirting leather, harness leather, in russet or chocolate, you are to be sure to find it here.

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Sweet Six Nose Piece - Sharon Camarillo Adjustable Flat Leather Nose Band from Reinsman Nose..
Sharon Camarillo Adjustable Noseband - Rubber Covered Bicycle Chain A Rubber Covered Bicycle Chai..
Camarillo Interchangeable Rope Nose At last a rope nose piece that can be added to a lot of bits ..
Ozark Harness Leather Slobber Straps. These Slobber Straps are made of quality, doubled and ..
Russet Leather Slobber Straps from Ozark Saddle King These Slobber Straps are made of quality rus..
Classic Equine Slobber Straps Medium of Soft Latigo Leather ..
Myler Stainless Steel Quick Links (1 pair) Stainless Steel Quick Links (1 pair) (Work with bits w..
Myler Curb Chain. Stainless Steel Single Link Curb Chain ..
Equine Health Care International Bit Butter from English Riding Bit Butter's special fo..