Combination Bits

We offer a variety of combination bits for all riding disciplines from a selection of Quality manufacturers of bits and sidepulls. You will find Pat Parelli bits and Lynn McKenzie series performance bitsmanufactured by Myler for your riding and training needs!>

The combination bit synchronizes the pressure applied to nose, chin and poll. The noseband and chin strap form a single unit connected through the purchase. By simply changeing the noseband/chin strap adjustment, the ride can control how much, if any, pressure the mouthpiece applies and to what degree the nose, chin and poll are engaged. This sophistication makes the combition bit applicable across a wide range of horses and indispensable to any training program.

The three-ring combination bit is the most versatile combination cheek that offers two rein positions (lower and middle ring). The Two-Ring combination offers a single rein position on the lower ring. The western long shank combination has a lower rein position than the lowest ring on the 3-ring.

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