For coat care and grooming, whether it is for everyday clean-up or to keeping your equine buddy show- ready, we carry a full line of bathing and grooming  supplies; shampoos, coat conditioners, detanglers, and polishes. Grooming is an essential part of routine horse care. It increases your bond with the animal, acts as preventative medicine, and gives you the opportunity to examine the mental and physical well-being of your horse. Horse grooming supplies are essential to your horse’s cleanliness. Horse grooming tools and products, like curry combs, dandy brushes, clippers, hoof picks, and shampoos, can help your horse look its best.

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Farnam Bronco water-based fly spray. Water-based, ready-to-use pyrethrin and permethrin formula i..
Equine America Citronella Shampoo for horses. Rich-lathering, deep-cleansing, conditioning shampoo m..
Farnam Clear Eyes is a sterile saline solution; eye rinse; Provides daily eye care for horses ..
Ozarks Decker Grip Fit 2" stiff bristle brush with Union Fiber Brush. The main reasons for daily ..
Decker blue medium synthetic bristle body brush for your horse from Ozark. The main reasons for d..
Ozark Decker aqua teal soft synthetic bristle brush for those sensitive areas. The main reasons f..
Decker soft white tampico brush from Ozark Saddle King. The main reasons for daily grooming inclu..
Ozark Grip fit soft horsehair bristle blend brush with nylon hand strap. The main reasons for dai..
Decker pocket size blue ribbon assorted color synthetic bristle brush from Ozark. Medium Bristle ..
Dual horse and pony grooming glove from Ozark. Glove with bristles one side, rubber nubbins on the o..
eZall Green Super Concentrate - 5-Pack. The 4 oz. size is perfect for shows or at home use. Each ..
Fura-zone Ointment contains Nitrofurazone in a water-soluble base for the treatment and prevention o..
Tail Tamer Groomers Stone.  Light and long lasting. Removes botfly larvae, dirt and hair. Yo..
A concentrated Hair Moisturizer from Sleazy Sleepwear For Horses and Windhorse. A leave-in, spray..
EquinElite Concentrated Herbal Shampoo is formulated to gently cleanse the hair with coconut oil der..