Hoof Boots

Hoof boots can help the natural hoof absorb shock when barefoot; they also help contain medication for continuous soaking. All styles of Cavallo boots, theSimple Hoof Boots, Sport boot, and Easyboot and boot accessories like gloves, gaitors and hardware. Hoof boots for trail use can be worn when needed and save on the expensive of shoeing when longterm shoe wear is not necessary. Hoof boots also helpl in providing additional traction on even riding terrain. Boots can offer protection for a hoof and sore foot injuries, by helping to manage hoof pain while rehabilitating injuries. Soaking boots are available to treat injuries.

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Cavallo Pastern Wraps are an accessory for the Simple Boot from Toklat,  An accessory for th..
Cavallo Simple Boot is a multi-purpose hoof boot excellent for all-terrain hoof protection for ..
Cavallo Simple Boot Gel Insole offered by Toklat. Insert for Simple boot, one size fits all. ..
Cavallo Sport Slim Horse Boots are a lighter sleeker hoof boot from Cavallo designed with the perfor..
Adjustable Neoprene Pastern Boot Designed to give added protection to the pastern. Great parade a..
Cavallo Sport Regular Boot Outside tread patterns supports the hoof wall. All-terrain tread minim..