Leather Sidepull

Leather Sidepull
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Ozark Leather Sidepull. Russet leather Sidepull. Doubled and stitched with Single Ply Crown, Cheek and Throatlatch, Rope Noseband with Adjustable Chin Strap and Nickel plated hardware. This is available with or without bit.

A sidepull is a bitless bridle which allows the reins to be attached to the headstall on the side of the horse's face. Most sidepulls have a lariat rope or narrow nylon rope as the over-the-nose piece to give the rider a way to exert some directional and stopping pressure on the horse's nose.A sidepull allows the rider to give the horse very clear turning signals left and right and can be the perfect starter bridle for young horses or for older horses who are stiff and resistant to turning.

In Horses that have been injured in the mouth by riders using poorly designed and improperly fitted bits, unbalanced hands and harsh training methods, sidepulls protect sensitive tissues. The horses may display negative behavior such as chewing on the bit, clamping their mouth and bracing their neck (becoming stiff to stop or turn), or tossing their heads frequently. In order to stop this behavior (which is the horse's reaction to discomfort), riders add tight nosebands to keep the horse's mouth closed. They also add martingales or other "tie downs" to prevent head tossing and rooting against the bit. A sidepull goes to the root of the problem - it removes the bit from the horse's mouth completely. This allows the horse to relax his mouth, jaw, head, and neck and learn how to carry the rider in a supple, athletic manner.

Available with or without Bit

Without Bit  [6757], With Bit [6756]


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