Deluxe Bitless Bridle

Deluxe Bitless Bridle
Brand: Ozark Leather
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Ozark Deluxe Bitless Bridle  3/8" Braided Nylon

A bitless bridle is a natural choice for those who believe in the comfort and physical/physiological health of their horse. A bitless bridle can be the answer for horses that show negative behaviors related to bits because of mouth sensitivities issues such as head shaking (facial neuralgia), teeth grinding, head tossing and being hard to bridle. A bitless bridle can provide better communication than a bit or natural hackamore/rope halter, and more reliable brakes and backup than a bit.

Freedom from pain or anxiety results in calmness and confidence in improved obedience, movement and stride. A Bitless Bridle is a wonderful tool for starting young horses under saddle as it allows them to focus on learning the aids instead of worrying about the discomfort and strange new feeling in their mouth from a bit.


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